Precious Okunuga
Precious Okunuga Author

Precious Okunuga is a prolific writer and an amazon best selling author.

Precious has written 4 books to her credit and many more to come. Her books are referred to as the Hidden treasure series; A series of books which has helped (and still helping) people to discover how to deal with and overcome the hurts of the past and reshape the present and thereby creating the future that they so desire.
And also to empower anyone who is struggling with low self-esteem and lack of confidence; Her drive is “Release your past, Capture your present, Re-invent your future. Make your life Count”.

Precious shares from her personal experiences, showing how she has been able to practically use biblical concepts and principles to navigate the unpleasant waters of past hurts, handle the present and create the future that she so desires.

Taking it a step further she also runs courses, coaching and mentoring sessions for people who want to go much deeper than just reading but actually walking the path from the past to the future they so desire

She believes strongly that everyone has at least one uniquely valuable gift/talent/skill (whatever you might call it) buried on the inside that is yearning for expression. And it’s her desire to inspire as many as possible collectively or individually to reach in and discover their potential, harness it to ensure they become the best possible expression of who they have been created to be.

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