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Most women are afraid of how powerful they actually are.

Become fully expressed by improving your self-confidence

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Precious Okunuga

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” 

— Maya Angelou

This is where you transmute wounds into wins

You did not choose the abuse or trauma that happened to you.

The events of childhood or later hurt like heartbreak, loss, abandonment, abuse and rejection leave our souls battered.

But you can now choose to heal and find a rebirth.
You can choose to turn your exhaustion into energy.
Turn your trauma into transformation.
Turn your pain into purpose.

Here, you will find all the processes, tools, and support for your:

• Healing
• Releasing the past
• Overcoming your fears
• Anxiety
• Breaking every limitation
• Discovering your hidden potential
• Becoming the highest possible expression of who God has called you to be
• Fulfilling your dreams
• Clear vision and goals

Hi, I’m Precious

(Psst…I love my name. I use it as an affirmation often – I am Precious.

Affirm this to yourself too. 🙂)

I am a best-selling author, a certified City and Guild Hairdresser, a widely sought-after cosmetologist and make-up artist, a passionate worship leader, and confidence coach.

Precious Okunuga
About Precious Okunuga

Everything I do, I do with 5 firm beliefs: 

  1. Hope isn’t hollow. Hope is fuel. When you take the right steps with hope in your heart, you become unstoppable.
  2. I love other women, women like you. I am committed to putting a smile on your beautiful face, no matter what you’ve gone through.
  3. Every single one of my services is dedicated to helping you get your inner peace and outer beauty off the charts.
  4. YOU ARE PRECIOUS. And if you doubt that, fix a day with me – see how we turn things around.
  5. Our low self-esteem and lack of confidence are ultimately our own job…and they should be our biggest projects.

How We Work Together

“Self-care is how you take your power back.” – Lalah Delia

Our mission together is to reveal your inner and external beauty. It’s fascinating how they both work together – Feeling good makes you look good.

Looking good feels so good!

Precious Okunuga Books

If you prefer to gently get to know me and work on your mindset before you engage with me further, get my books. 

Curl up in your cosy corner with hot cocoa and let my words embrace you in the warmth of sisterhood and love. We’re together in this!

Relax and give yourself a day. A day of love that shines you up, the way you’re meant to shine.

We’ll bring back your femme fatale energy, so you can slay it!



Make others beautiful. 

How’s that for a life mission?

Get trained in beauty with my courses. Turn your financial story around.

If all of the above feel overwhelming, you need to get your life in order, dear.

This is how I’ve got my life in order, maximised my time, and invested time in the things that mattered most to me.


Life is beautiful, dear.

That doesn’t mean life’s story and its challenges need to be beautiful too. It is dealing with the ugly that makes who we are. Strong, audacious, courageous, and most importantly, hopeful women.

I am Precious Okunuga. 

Precious Okunuga - Courses


Every morning, I promise myself to be a dynamic, energetic, industrious, beautifully multifaceted lady.

I’m the founder and CEO of Simply Precious Beauty World – a hair and beauty institute that helps women to reveal their inner beauty, by enhancing their natural features.

Simply Precious Beauty World

Precious Okunuga is the founder and CEO of Simply Precious Beauty World ; A hair and beauty institute that helps women reveal their inner beauty.

She began her career in Hairdressing and cosmetology over two decades ago, after obtaining the following training and degrees; a diploma at the Elegant-twins School of Cosmetology, a certification in colour collection beauty course at the Sonya Training Academy, a Certificate of Skill enhancement course from the Soft Sheen Carson Professional Hair Academy and a diploma in Afro-Caribbean hairdressing from the Prestigious City and Guilds Institute London.
She is one of the most sort after hairdressers in Aberdeen and Scotland environ, Her beauty world also offers personalised make-up services, bridal make-up services, Headgear services and pieces of training for Adults, children and teenagers.

Precious Okunuga Author